Bootstrap File for Garlicoin Core

You can speed up the initial process of downloading the blockchain for Garlicoin Core by using the bootstrapped blockchain file, provided below.

Once it's downloaded, you need to:

Launch the Garlicoin Core client once. This creates the needed directory.
Close the client.
Place the downloaded file into the "garlicoin" data directory.
On Windows this is in your home directory, under "AppData\Roaming\Garlicoin". Easiest way of getting to the AppData directory is to open Windows Explorer and enter "%appdata%" as a path. For example, on my Windows install the file would end up as "C:\Users\wcmiker\AppData\Roaming\Garlicoin\bootstrap.dat".

On Mac, the path should be "~/Library/App Support/Garlicoin/bootstrap.dat".

On Linux, it will be "~/.garlicoin/bootstrap.dat".

Launch the garlicoin-qt client to start syncing from disk. The status bar of garlicoin-qt will read "Indexing blocks on disk". If you navigate to the blocks folder in the "garlicoin" data directory you will see blk*.dat files being created. Once the client has completed syncing (this will probably still take an hour or more depending on your computer), it will rename the file to "bootstrap.dat.old". You can now delete the file (probably a good idea to shut down your client before you do this, just in case).

If you are using garlicoind look into the loadblock argument.

Download bootstrap.dat from Google Drive (blockchain data up to April 28, 2021 in zip format)